Our Story

Archilogic, the company behind the powerful 3D interior design platform, is putting the power of artificial intelligence and augmented reality in everyone’s hands. Founded in 2014 by four architects, Archilogic makes interior data useful and accessible for all. After digitizing millions of buildings and bringing 3D data to the web, the team opened their tech stack to the public in 2017 at 3d.io. The platform helps developers easily build web applications for interior design, architecture or real estate.

After extensive research and development in interior design — which included a Reddit bot that that automatically designed thousands of floor plans submitted online in 3D — the team is now building a game changing Augmented Reality app.  Homestory is powered by an AI, trained by professional architects on hundreds of thousands of real floor plans. With furniture from brands including Wayfair, Hay, Vitra and more, the possibilities are endless. We hope that Homestory will empower everyone to play and explore interior design in a new way, while making it fun and easy to use.